VK3TY - Nick

Current Projects -

Electronics - Designing and building a signal generator that produces sinusoidal, triangular, ramp and square waves in the frequency range 0.1Hz to 300Mhz.

Model Aircraft -  

  1. Fixing a helicopter that came to grief when a component in the transmitter failed.
  2. Designing and building two indoor radio-controlled models.
  3. Repairing a scale model of a Cessna 185.

Computers -

  1. Helping pensioners to set up their computers and getting involved in the newer technologies.
  1. Designing web-pages (just like this one).
  2. Proving a “hot-spot” for the local community in association with Melbourne Wireless.

Solar Energy - Monitoring how much energy I can generate whilst at the same time, reducing our house-hold energy usage.