VK3TY - Nick
My Interests

Amateur Radio - It’s not every one’s “cup of tea”.  This past-time is age-less.  Whether you are in your teens or much older, physically active or bed-ridden, it is a window into the wider world.  For me, it allows me to do my research but, at the same time, learn about other countries and their cultures.  It’s not all about soldering or fixing electronics (although for me, a great past-time).


Aero-modelling - started in the mid to late fifties with control-line models before progressing to some small “free-flight” models.  Radio-control back then was expensive!  Aeromodelling allows me to build things in (balsa)-wood and then test fly my creations.  These days, I fly helicopters and fixed wing in lieu of flying the “real thing”.


Flying - For many years, I flew Pipers, Cessnas and other aircraft.  Due to health reason, I self-imposed  a curfew on flying and have sold my very  much admired ‘plan.  Now others can enjoy it.


Research & Development - Allied to computing (which I did for over 40 years as an IT professional, I still play with a myriad of computers.  These range form tiny micro-controllers (the size of a business card), to very powerful desktops different operating systems.  I also do quite of design work using various packages.


Life in General - I find observing human nature in everyday live is fascinating.  No need to watch TV.  Just watch life around you .  Sometimes it can be quite funny.