VK3TY - Nick

If you have arrived here by accident,  consider it a break in whatever  you are doing. You may still find it interesting.


If  you came here intentionally - continue.

Background: I am a radio amateur and have held his call-sign since 1976 when I first became licensed.  My interests have been predominantly in research and building.  Although I have been “on air” numerous times, the excitement of investigative research into developing technologies has resulted in more time being spent with pen and paper (and a soldering iron).



My other passion has been flying.  Until recently, I owned and operated my own ‘plane.  Unfortunately, due to a chronic back jury, I have had to give up flying the “real thing” and reverted to radio-controlled aircraft.

Research, Design and Development

Over the years, I have involved myself in numerous electronics projects.  Some have been “exercises into futility” but, never-the-less, educational.  Other exercises have reaped benefits.

From the outset,my interests have centred around computers and controllers and to a lesser degree the generation of transmission signals (communications)


My wife and I have travelled overseas numerous times as well as having toured much of Australia.

Human Nature

Trying to understand what makes people “tick”.  When responding to the same circumstances - we all instinctively behave differently.